I love this game

Yup we are reviewing this game well this game been out over 10 years now but it still holds value for example the ships and the acting was interesting and the planet and the surfaces was close of perfect on this game. the n64 was pushed at it limits when they made this game. It was consider the best Flying games. but now it know the best of the series aside from it Squeal. But this game takes us back when you would fly in and take on the army of imperial forces. I love the fact that you can use half the ships. if it wasn't for this game the other two would never made it. Rouge Squadren brought the best of the seires has to offer and more. This game always take you back when your fight to save Crix mandian. Or when your doing Rendezvous with rebel supple. The fact that the lighting on this game has great for the blaster setting off or the explosion. Even the day time when it brighten the game. Though this game is one of the oldest it still has it classic moments.