This game is a great change from the standard RPG. A refreshing storyline and gameplay.

User Rating: 8.8 | Siege of Avalon PC
A game like this is a rare find in video games today. When you first start the game the graphics may seem very disappointing but do not let this fool you. The large environment and huge array of textures completely makes up for it. The storyline is interesting and once the game gets moving you will not be able to stop playing. A great thing about this game is the many different ways it can be played. You can play as a mage, an archer, a warrior, all of the above, or any mix of them. This is the ultimate freeform RPG

The storyline itself doesn’t take too long to complete. About the same as a standard RPG but side quests can take longer. The difficulty is perfect and can be made harder or easier depending on how you play. Once I was done with the game I spent countless more hours altering the files in the game. The conversations and items are easy to access and change which can make the game a lot of fun. Anyone can do it with notepad. I was able to find this game for 5 USD which is amazing considering how great of a game it is.