From the shadows comes a new player, a new organization, and corruption is its game, a power weapon, and a dark secret.

RTS games have come a long way since the days of Command & Conquer. I can say that having battled my way through various gaming universes as a battlefield commander or general. FoC steps outside the conventional RTS game in the case of Tyber Zann and the Zann Consortium. He is a relative newcomer in a sense, but as the leader of a criminal organization, he is not the type to let things slide or be so-called equals.

His right-hand man, Urai Fenn, with the help of Han Solo and Chewbacca bust him out of the penal colony prison on Kessel. After that the galaxy is yours for the corrupting and conquering if you wish to take over worlds completely. I corrupted then conquered various star systems on my rise to power. The missions in the single player campaign, Tyber's rise to power, were not terribly challenging except for Dathomir and Bespin.

The ultimate payday is getting the Eclipse. It is incomplete, stationary, but possesses one of the fastest regenerating super lasers in the galaxy. Your allies are enemies kept on your side by credits and assurances for personal fulfillment. The Eclipse is far too tempting so by story's end it will be heading towards another fate while the weapon remains intact.

The artifact taken from Jabba offers a strange omen for the future as Silri decodes its secret, a Star Map to a vault where an infinite number of Sith Troopers have been frozen in carbonite for unknown centuries. A somewhat sinister twist for the future as a page from the past may return as an unknown is also frozen in this vault alongside this sleeping Sith army.