Step Down

User Rating: 8.5 | Sid Meier's Civilization V PC
Its a great game overall but its just missing something. No more extra strategy like, do i want to be the first to create a religion, or do i want to create a massive army first? The tech trees are so balanced that no matter which way you go youll always be balance with other civs unless your about 4 techs ahead of them. Not to mention the fact everybody is going to try to kill you, even if you are allies, its curious as to why there arent really any allies in this civ. But if you prefer the total war kind of strategy this is perfect for you. Im just waiting for gods and kings which will hopefully expand the games content massively as its said to do. Re-adding religion and espionage. The game itself is awesome. So many things that you can do and ways to do them but lack of strategy is definitely in this game.