Very interesting and mind elevating but importantly is to be played without ant cheats.

User Rating: 10 | Sid Meier's Civilization V PC
This is a great game where too many critical dissensions should be taken by the player in the early stages which in turn will affect the final result of the players success or defeat.

Hope some updates that makes the computer generated opponents less benefiting from his status as a baby of the code writer as I noticed he is (the PC) getting advantage over the human rival. The PC competitor getting a hell of resources and huge military power resulted from his in-advance knowledge of the map lay-out.

Wish units upgrade becomes easier so to let advancing more speedier in order to reduce some little boring arises because of this.

More control on the workers is a necessity as I see it, this could be achieved by increasing the worker's tasks list that to choose from.

Making the cities grow more quickly after being occupied or puppet-ized is helping too.

The role of fighters should be enhanced so they are intercept effectively against each enemy bombing sortie.

The choppers have little significance in the battle while they're in reality are the most dangerous units against infantry and tanks, they should be able to carry AA and AS long range (4 squares at least ) missiles so as the frigates.