Contemplating Civ4: Advice?

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Hi, I'm new to gaming but I really fancy a strategy game that involves simulating an empire and I've done quite a bit of Internet research and narrowed down my choices to: Civilization IV (I know V has just been released but I think IV seems easier to get to grips with, plus I think my computer is more likely to be able to handle its graphics). and Empire: Total War. I'm using a macbook pro with OS X Lion and soon to be OS X Mountain Lion when it's released if that makes any difference. I just wanted some advice and what you think my choice should be. Also, do either of these games require further expenditure with regard to endless expansions to make gameplay as good as it seems on the respective trailers?
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Hi Sorry for late response Only notice Q from checking out Civ 5 Being playing Civ 4 for over 2 years now off and on between Skyrim, Mass Effect 2 & 3, Half Life, Fallout series and others This game is totally different and is a Great game in it own way and very challenging and needs to be played many times to get better at it so do not get frustrated but learn what to do or not do LOL There are many levels of difficulty but Chieftain is 1st level and is not easy I play only at 2nd level Warlord and only won twice lol. Worth every penny and you will get your moneys worth if you like strategy and trying to build a civilization and win the race against other civilizations. Must also keep your people happy in each city so much to do in this game Keeps you busy trying to find a balance with other civilizations.