Runescape is one of the most fun massively multiplayer games I have ever played, and can play for a long time.

Runescape is a massively multiplayer game from Jagex. The game motive is jsut basically do quests, raise stats to be number one and trade with people. Runescape was first created in 2001, which is when I started playing it. Now there is runescape 2, and runescape classic. The game is a roleplaying game that never ends, which is very cool. You can pay $5.00 a month to get members, which is really fun because you get a new quest like every week. Plus, the members get a bevy of new stuff weekly also. The fun part is that you are accually playing with real people. They create accounts and you can talk to them. The combat is so fun and easy, you just click on a monster and you attack. There are hundreds of weapons, armor, and magic spells. And there are many monsters to fight. The runescape world is massive. The towns and cities all have medival stores that sell anything from weapons and armor to silk. The graphics are accually pretty good for a game that regularly has over 100,000 people playing at once. There is not usually a lot of lag, unless you have the high definition on, which has great medival music, and have other websites on or in a busy world. There are over 100 worlds to choose from,, with a maximum of 2000 people per world. The sound is awesome, with great medival tunes, great sounding monsters and superb weapons sounds. The value is perfect. You can play runescape for free for as long as you want. You want to clock in over 1000 hours in runescape, like me, go right ahead. Nothing stops you. You can do whatever you want, except be mean or swear and stuff like that. The game plays super well, especially with so many things to do. The funnest part is probably the wildreness. There you can fight other people close to your level. If you are in level 1 wild, and you were level 6, you would only fight level 59s and 61s. But if you were in, say level 50 wild, you could fight level 10s to level 110s. There are many risks, including many super powerful monsters and people ready to kill you. Runescape is so addicting, and being a game on the internet, you don't have to pay unless you want to be a member. So overall, runescape is a great game you can play if you have many hours to spare, and you can aspire to be the best runescape has ever seen. You should play it. It is on www.runescape.com. See you there on one of my many accounts. peace out dogs.