Good, but not the best...

The witcher is an alright game, though it could of been better.
I didn't quite like the camera movement, I thought it was pain in the butt.
Voice acting in this game was lame, there was no "spirit" in it, and no real commitment should I say. Sounded like it was from a bad 70's foreign film and dubbed over in English.
Graphics were great, would of been totally gorgeous if my pc wouldnt be so bad that I had to play the game on lower graphics.
The quests in the game were good, I liked them, but the longer you play the more boring the quests became. Whole alchemy thing was alright, but it made your inventory fill up very quickly with all the materials.
The story of the game was good in my opinnion, and I totally loved the opening scene of the whole game (you know the movie at the start when you open the game, princess monster and such)

All in all, I think that this game would of needed more work. Its still playable, and worth playing, but like I said, it could of been better~