Sid Meier's Civilization (1993) Cheats For PC

  1. Free Moves

    Sentry a unit in a city on its last turn, then go into the city and unsentry it. It will have all its moves back.

    Contributed by: Denouement 

  2. Space Race Cheat

    Build a space ship that is nothing but a habitation module and an engine, launch it, and even though it has 0% chance of success it will always succeed.

    Contributed by: Denouement 

  3. Unlimited turns

    On your turn, move every unit but one. Then, save and quit. When you reload, you will be able to move all your units again without it changing to the next turn.

    Contributed by: TimmyTheRabidTurtle 

  4. Fun with investigating cities

    Send a diplomat to a rival city and choose the Investigate City option. You get a city overview screen much like the one for your own cities, and while most options have been disabled, some were forgotten. You can unfortify any units in the city and even sell one of the city's buildings; and get the money in your coffers!

    Contributed by: Sashanan 

  5. Build faster with Settlers

    You can make settlers build mines, roads, irrigation, etc. in one turn (instead of the normal 2 - 12). For example, make the settler unit build an irrigation. The turn moves on to another unit. Find your settler and click on it. Clear settler's orders and put them back to work (press I). Repeat these steps a few times until the desired advancement is built.

    Contributed by: Balveda 

  6. Railroad on water

    It is perfectly possible to build roads and railroads on the ocean by bringing a settler there with a boat. While they don't make ships move any faster, railroads *will* provide the usual 50% to all resources bonuses to ocean squares used by a nearby city.

    Contributed by: Sashanan 

  7. Codes

    Code Effect
    Hold Shift and press 1234567890 Cheat Mode
    Hold Shift and press 5 + 6 Full Map

    Contributed by: Mike Truitt 

  8. Civilization Code

    Code Effect
    Hold [Alt] then press R Random Enemy Leaders

    Contributed by: Llamaman2 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

Type Name File Size
Other Emperor Difficulty FAQ by Edman 10K
FAQ/Strategy Guide FAQ/Strategy Guide by Dave 133K
Other Advances List by Anonymous 98K
Strategy Guide Strategy Guide by GSmedstad 33K
Other Cities List by Anonymous 4K

Sid Meier's Civilization (1993) Cheats For Amiga

  1. CPU has Random Personalities

    Hold [Alt] and press R to randomize personalities.

    Contributed by: Biospark3 

  2. View Complete Map and Enemy Cities

    During gameplay, hold shift and type:

    Code Effect
    1234567890t View Complete Map and Enemy Cities

    Contributed by: Bodobodot