World cup 2006 is a beautiful re-creation of the real event that should not be missed by soccer fans!

World cup 2006 is a beautiful re-creation of the real event that shouldn’t be missed!

I won’t go into boring details, just main points.
NOTE: this review is concerned with the PS2 version only. Versions on other consoles might differ.

Good points: good and highly accessible gameplay, 127 national teams, qualifying rounds, realistic player animations, excellent TV-style presentation excellent commentary, beautiful soundtrack, beautiful crowds’ sounds.

Bad points: weak graphics, frame rate drops each now and then, not enough stuff to unlock, historical challenges are played with the 2006 formations. Poor goalkeepers.

Very good and fun gameplay that’s fairly realistic. Close to Winning Eleven but not close enough. You can do some beautiful moves and tricks with the analogue stick. The goalkeepers are stupid, which can become very annoying sometimes. There’s a good number of strategic options to use during the match, but they should’ve added more of these options. AI is good and difficulty seems just right.

Realistic animations, good amount of details, well designed stadiums. There are noticeable drops in the frame rate during the cut scenes and sometimes during the gameplay, but it doesn’t seriously hurt the gameplay experience (in my opinion). The players’ graphics need more polishing. Also the crowds don’t look that good.

Beautiful crowds, nice variety of music, and an excellent commentary.

Fairly long “FIFA World Cup 2006” mode that will take you through qualifications (if you want) till the great final of the world cup. A fun lounge mode, interesting historical challenges mode even though they are played with current formations rather than the classic ones. But you’ll probably stop playing this game after the real World Cup is over, .

A worth playing game even with the graphical flaws. So go get it before the real World Cup is over!