Just like the old phrase goes - you'll either love this game, or want to gouge your eyes out with rusty spoons.

User Rating: 6.8 | Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri PC
Alpha Centauri is a simple premise - take the immensely popular Civilisation series, and set it in space. Simple sure fire way to make a good game? Lets see...

You play a commander or leader (or whatever else you choose to name yourself) of a group of people who have fallen onto a far distant planet from a large space craft. Setting up a colony on the planets surface, you must deal with local life forms, other colonies, the weather, and many other micromanagement tasks to become a successful leader and either unite the planet again, or take off in a huge spacecraft.

The game starts out well, with good help features and some nice ideas - such as the Xenofungus which engulfs many of the planets tiles, which can impede movement etc - a nasty thing which must be taken care of early! But, once you start getting more and more units, things start to get quite complicated - unless you are familiar with the Civ style game, you may be in at the deep end to start out with this game first!

The advantage to this game though is its simple minimum specs, and the turn based nature of the game - good for playing in little bursts on the move, such as in lectures or on the train - and equally as good for sitting down and playing in one long go.

Overall, a good attempt at a good idea for a game - but it might be too complicated or in depth for everyone's likings.