Shinobido Homura: Soul of the Ninja Cheats For PSP

  1. Unlock characters:

    You just have to get their counterparts to a certain level:

    Code Effect
    Get Ichijou Archer to level 10. Ichijou Rifle
    Get Ichijou Samurai to level 10. Ichijou General
    Get Ichijou General to level 10. Ichijou
    Get Akame Archer to level 10. Akame Rifle
    Get Akame Samurai to level 10. Akame General
    Get Akame General to level 10. Akame
    Get Sadame Archer to level 10. Sadame Rifle
    Get Sadame Samurai to level 10. Sadame Samurai
    Get Sadame General to level 10. Sadame
    Get Goh to level 21. Goh with Gamuran sword
    Get Kinu to level 21. Kinu in alternative outfit with Gamuran sword
    Get Zaji to level 21. Zaji with Gamuran sword
    Get Ichijou Samurai to level 21. Ichijou Samurai with alternative moveset
    Get Akame Samurai to level 21. Akame Samurai with dual swords and new moveset
    Get Sadame Samurai to level 21. Sadame Samurai with iaijutsu moveset
    Pass every mission. Nami the WotS1 Instructor

    Contributed by: origreatguy 

  2. Character Models with Gamuran's Sword

    Code Effect
    Get Goh to "Max Level" by getting 4400 Exp. Goh (with Gamuran's sword)
    Get Kinu to "Max Level" by getting 4000 Exp. Kinu (with Gamuran's sword, alt costume and Goh's move set)
    Get Zaji to "Max Level" by getting 4400 Exp. Zaji (with Gamuran's Sword)

    Contributed by: Nev 

  3. Alternate Inventories

    At the inventory screen prior to beginning a mission, press the d-pad five times in one direction to access these alternate inventories. NOTE: You must have beaten the Finale: Ephemera mission first. This works on both EU and JP versions of Shinobido: Homura.

    Code Effect
    Default mission inventory Up 5 times
    Grapple Hook, Asuka Shuriken (30), Weak Land Mine (10), Health Potion +60 (20) Right 5 times
    Black Ninja Flame (1), Explosive Sushi +300 (5), Powerful Land Mine (5), Cicada Shell (1) Down 5 times
    Short Grapple Hook, Strength Potion +90 (10), Knockout Sushi +90 (10)m Speed Potion +90 (10) Left 5 times

    Contributed by: Zephranthes 

  4. Cheat Codes

    Enter these codes at the pause menu during a mission. They can only be used after beating the mission 'Finale:Ephemera' and only one code can be used once per mission.

    Code Effect
    Right, Right, Down, Up, Up Invincibility Mode: Makes you and all NPCs invulnerable to any type of damage besides stealth kills which now only do 50% damage.
    Down, Left, Right, Up, Down Unlimited Items
    Up, Up, Down, Right, Up One Hit Kill Mode: Makes you and all NPCs die in one attack. Item damage and most projectiles do not count.
    Up, Right, Right, Down, Left Restore Health: Restores all your HP but only once.

    Contributed by: Zephranthes 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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FAQ/Walkthrough FAQ/Walkthrough by Zephranthes 282K