One of the Best RPG's for Sega PERIOD!

User Rating: 8.9 | Shining and the Darkness GEN
This has got to be one of the best RPG's ever created for the Sega system.
I know I am one of the few who feel this way; with that said my review will not do the game justice.

Gameplay: The gameplay is rather generic, you're a young hero in a medieval world who is sent on a quest to rescue the kidnapped princess. Yes I know this story has been beaten to death, but hey it still worked for this game. As for places to explore, well there is really only one place to explore and thats the labyrinth. The two other locations are the castle and town which you can only move side to side to talk to people and enter shops.

Graphics: Graphically this game is not stunning, but it still manages to make good use of the limited hardware and programming experience there was for the system in those days. The character and monster designs are decent, but nothing spectacular and the labyrinth is basically the same thing over and over with different color walls.

Sound: The music in the game was very entertaining for the time and I never got bored off it. The battle music was refreshing and exciting and the music in the castle and town was nice. It had an important feel as if your really needed.

Value: What can I say about this games value?? Well the game is very fun and entertaining and is not too difficult as to make you question why your even bothering to give it a chance, but also not too as easy to make you stop out of boredom. I couldn't put this game down when a friend of mine first introduced me to it and I played it almost none stop until I had beat it and then pushed all my characters to level 99. As for replay if you enjoy it enough to play all the way through it you will enjoy it enough to play it over and over again, otherwise you probably wont last more than a couple of hours before shutting it off.

Reviewers Tilt: This game holds a special place for me as my first real enjoyable experience with an RPG for the Sega. Along with the other Shining games this is the best set of RPG for the Sega period.