The Game That Started RPG's for Me

User Rating: 9.5 | Shining and the Darkness GEN
My older brother the D&D and role playing man was always refusing to let me play D&D(the 1st edition) and as he moved to video games he played rpg and strategy games watching them suck refused the idea of them till I got the Genesis this game was all I could rent and I loved intro to RPG and was and is still is fond memories. I went through the game and then made my brother wait. When it went to the shining force I made him look like a rookie and haven't looked back they made the story at least to a 11 yr old feel You emotions like wanting revenge when they kill one of the group. Maybe to the new generations it would be the most linear lame game but when before all there was were wizardry and mapping it yourself games, This was a break through the graphics and story were unreal for the time