This game deserves nothing less.

I have followed this game more than a year before its release and let me just say, I'm glad I stayed with it. I played Final Fantasy VII and I loved it. Don't get me wrong though, I'm not one of those fan boys, I actually like VIII and IX the most. But aside from all that, VII was a great game. What you don't get in VII though is the story behind Zack, the real SOLDIER 1st class from the story, the person Cloud envisions himself as. Crisis Core does just that, it gives us the story of Zack and the events that lead up to VII and it might even plug in some gaps to the confusion.
The battle system is not turn based as it was in VII. Now its more of an action-RPG in which you scroll from different battle options. It blends in well and the materia fusion allows many combinations for powerful attacks and support magic.
The story is what really shines here. With good voice acting and amazing CG cut scenes, we get to see the true character behind Zack and discover who Cloud really is and how much of an influence Zack truly had on him. You grow attached to Zack as he stumbles among many secrets and becomes a more mature and emotional person. The values and beliefs he had were great, and those are the same Cloud comes to have. The ending is very emotional and is one that will be remembered for many years. It pulls on your heart strings and leaves you with only one remark and expression, "wow".
This is a great game, hands down one of the best PSP games that can rightfully hold the name, Final Fantasy VII. I recommend this game to any RPG fan, and mostly, to any fan of Final Fantasy VII who really wants to know the entire story.