Quite a dandy remake of the Genesis gem, that brings turn-based strategy back once again to the GBA.

User Rating: 9 | Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon GBA
With the Gameboy Advance, we have seen many "renewed" games from past consoles, specially in the Role-Playing/Strategy genres. Breath of Fire, Final Fantasy remakes and Phantasy Star collections scatter our GBA world. But personally, none have really stood out to me as something that takes what we had first and makes it better, Not that I don't like being able to take FF 1-5 on the go, like Shining Force.

The story is pretty plain, the characters pretty plain and even the command menu is pretty plain, nothing to fancy, but enough to make it worth your time. With that said this is a great game if your new to Turn-Based games, sticking to that, the difficulty is on the medium side with most battles having you losing one or more of your characters, you simply then go to the church in the nearest town and have them revived!
The battles can take a long time, you can only have 12 members at most on the battle field, your opponent sometimes brings as many as 30, yes 30(not fair huh). Characters can be different types of things, Max the main character is knight, some beastmen/birdman flying folks, robots, a dragon later on and assassins and magical maniacs after you get to level 10 these can be promoted at the church. Same as other games, your stats(HP, abilities, Magic, speed etc) increase with each level.
Fighting battles like i said can take a long time. Terrain comes into play as well as other factors. Enemies usually have a weakness to particular elements or attacks, some are really easy and plain to see others are tougher.
Some of the maps and certain things are pretty plain and not fancy, I dont know for sure but I am assuming this is coming from the old Genesis style where they were limited on what they could do with games.

Overall, if your like Turn-based strategy games like FF Tactics and Fire Emblem, DO NOT overlook this gem! Another awesome thing is that game costs less then $10.