A revitalized classic with improved extras. This is a game that should not be missed.

User Rating: 9.7 | Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon GBA
Shining Force: Ressurrection of the Dark Dragon is a remake of Sega's SRPG classic originally made on the genesis in 1993. Having been rereleased, is it worth playing? despite it's age, this is still one of the most enjoyable games around.

Shining Force begins in the kingdom of Guardiana, a skilled young swordsman suffering from amnesia ready to save a kingdom against the forces of Runefaust. Darksol is trying to ressurrect the acient evil created by the gods, known as Dark Dragon, and you are given your quest to stop him... light against Dark.

The battles take place much like a game of chess. Your characters are the pieces, and any number of battlegrounds are the board. The ground you fight on has different grids represented by squares on the map. Each character can move a certain amount of these squares, or even attack a certain amount of squares. turns are taken in order of your characters and enemies speed, the faster they are, the sooner they strike!

Each member of your party is a different class, and each with specials abilities/skills. For instance, Max is the only member with the Egress skill, which allows the party to escape and fight another time. Ken, a knight, can equip both spears (which can be thrown up to two squares away), and lances (which can only hit one square away). Tao and Anri, can cast magic spells varying from fire, ice, lightning and status spells. Classes include archers, mages, priests, birdmen, knights, monks, and hamsters (that's not a typo).

Once your characters have gained enough experience through battle, they will level up. Every action taken gains exp, but the value of the action dictates how much. Casting a healing spell will gain 10-20. Striking the finishing blow to an enemy, 48. Missing an attack completely? a humiliating 1. After they arrive at level 10 they can be promoted to a new stronger class, though they start at level 1 again. This will give them access to stronger weapons and spells they otherwise could not use.

The graphics have had an overhaul from the genesis classic. Character animations and costume designs have been modernised. The towns and backgrounds are also more detailed, overall the game is vibrant and courful.

But to anyone who has played the game before, whats to bring them back? For starters the dialogue has been improved, and Max is no longer a silent hero. Character backgrounds and interaction have also been improved in the HQ (though only members who are active in your party will engage in conversation with you). There are 3 new characters, as well as several new battles revolving around them. One of the afore mentioned characters uses cards in battle, in which you can collect, including through a new game +.

All in all, Shining Force: Ressurection of the Dark Dragon is a must play game to new and old fans alike, despite it's age the game shines. Proving once and for all that gameplay is what really makes a game.