Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon Cheats For Game Boy Advance

  1. Unlockable Characters

    Code Effect
    Chapter 1) Go to the house to the far east of the Guardiana region and talk to him to have him join you Gong
    Chapter 1) Listen to his storys before the first battle then talk to him when you get back. Gort
    Chapter 2) Talk to him before you leave Rindo Arthur
    Chapter 4) After sighting him once in each chapter before this, navigate in and around the church in Pao and he'll join you Yogurt
    Chapter 4) Watch him fly his machine by searching it after hes freed and he will join when Pao leaves Kokichi
    Chapter 4) Watch him test the steam suit and he joins later at the paopig pen. Guntz
    Chapter 4) Take your egg to the Egg Warmer to get him Domingo
    Read all the signs in the mermaid village, then search the furniture in the church. Go to the big fish and he will join. Hanzo

    Contributed by: Jeux Fire 

  2. Alternate Costumes

    Code Effect
    Alternate Costume for Khris. Found after beating Battle 1 of Chapter 3. Repeatedly tap A on the wall where the Dark Elves were. Maid's Outfit
    Alternate Costume for Anri. Found after beating Battle 2 of Chapter 3. Repeatedly tap A on the brown mountains coming out of the grey mountains in the northeast corner. Daring Dress
    Alternate Costume for Tao and/or Narsha. Collect all the cards and then in the New Game+ talk to the woman in the hut by where Gong is obtained. She will give it to you. Teeny Bikini

    Contributed by: DWM66 

  3. Villain Cards

    Code Effect
    Deliver the final blow to Ramladu using Narsha Ramladu Card
    Deliver the final blow to Colossus' center head using Luke Colossus Card
    Deliver the final blow to Darksol using Max Darksol Card
    Deliver the final blow to Kane using Max Kane Card
    Have Mawlock deliver the final blow to Dark Dragon. Dark Dragon Card
    Max has to finish him off. Rune Knight's card
    Gort has to finish her off. Marionette's Card
    Max has to finish her off. Ghoul's Card
    Narsha has to finish him off. Gobgovitch' Card
    Guntz has to finish him off. Hellhound's Card
    Have Zuika kill it. Soul Eater Card
    Have Anri kill it. Skeleton Card
    Have Max kill him. Elliot Card
    Have Domingo kill it. Dullahan Card
    Have Narsha kill him. Demon Master Card
    Have Mae kill him. Master Mage Card
    Deliver the final blow to Balbazak with Earnest. Balbazak Card
    Zylo must deliver the finishing blow to the final Pegasus Kt. in battle 2 of chapter 3. Pegasus Knight
    Anri must deliver the finishing blow in battle 3 of chapter 3. Laser Eye
    Tao or Anri must deliver the finishing blow in battle 3 of chapter 3. Silver Knight
    Max must deliver the finishing blow in the final battle of chapter 6. Mishaela

    Contributed by: DWM66 

  4. Chaos Card

    Code Effect
    Deliver the final blow to Chaos with Adam. Chaos Card

    Contributed by: Jaymaster600 

  5. Hero Cards

    Code Effect
    Acquired when you beat the game once. Max
    Hidden in a bookshelf in Urbanatol Earnest
    After acquiring the Orb of Light, speak to Arthur in Manarina and he'll give you his card. Arthur
    After you recruit Gort, speak to his granddaughter in the basement near the center of town to get his card. Gort
    In a bookshelf in Manarina castle. Anri
    In a chest in Prompt. Alef
    After speaking with Anri in Manarina, find the mad scientist to be turned into a chicken. Tao's card is with the wizard who changes you back. Tao
    When Pao settles in its second location, speak with the pigs in town to find the card. Domingo
    After the fourth battle of the game, speak to Khris' admirer to receive the card. Khris
    In Prompt castle, on the bookshelf near the left elder. Torasu
    After recruiting Gong, talk to the woman inside the cabin to get his card. Gong
    In the first Pao location, in the pigpen. Diane
    In a chest, in the northwest corner of Rudo. Lyle
    Balbaroy will give this to you upon joining. Amon
    Watch Kokichi's demonstration of his flying suit, then talk to his assistant to get this card. Kokichi
    After the battle with Kane, in Rudo talk to Karin, then Krin, then Karin twice. Bleu
    In Runefaust castle's entrance hall. Adam
    Check the church sign in Bustoke. Zylo
    After talking with Kane in Prompt, search the large building with two doors. The card is on the wall between the doors. Musashi
    In a tree in Runefaust, near the pub. Hanzou
    In the front carriage of the Pao caravan in both settlements. Examine the control panel to receive it. Yogurt

    Contributed by: Relle 

  6. Unlocking Dark Dragon Card

    Dark Dragon Card

    Code Effect
    Deliver the finishing blow with Mawlock Dark Dragon Card

    Contributed by: Desolace 

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