This re-vamped version of the original is an absolute gem and quite simply the best 2D action/adventure ever.

Metroid: Zero Mission is a remake of the original Metroid from the days of the NES (and now, thanks to Nintendo, also the Wii virtual console). However, it is more than just a mere graphical improvement over its predecessor. It adds more adventure to the original game and seems to incorporate all of the elements that made Super Metroid such a big hit in the days of the SNES. It allows players to use a map, acquire suits and weapons, and discover abilities that will make them more formidable against the forces of the planet Zebes.

Whereas the original Metroid had no map and left players wondering where exactly they were, Metroid: Zero Mission provides players with a map that helps them along the way. The map not only shows players where they have been and the areas of the world they have covered, it also shows them where they are and uses a flashing circle to show them where they need to go next (if they don't desire any more exploration than necessary).

Zero Mission also provides players with plenty to discover and acquire throughout the adventure. The search for the many kinds of armor, weapons, and upgrades always keeps players interested and helps keep the action fresh no matter which portion of the game they may be in. Moreover, there are some areas of the game that cannot be accessed or entered until Samus has acquired a particular suit or weapon. Upon finding said items, players can go back to their previous unaccesible area or room and explore it until their heart's content.

The best part about Zero Mission is the combination of action and adventure and upgrades to the weaponry and armor. The action is absolutely first rate as it is fast-paced, constant, and will the keep players on their toes as they explore. Additionally, it features several boss battles boss battles with the likes of Kraid, Ridley, Mecha-Ridley and other lesser-known bosses that are nevertheless interesting. The adventure takes players to places familiar to veterans of the original as they must defeat Mother Brain in her lair. However, after defeating "the Brain," players are stripped of their armor and forced to battle and escape from a group of space pirates to finish the game.

Upon finishing, Zero Mission features multiple endings that are dictated by the number of items collected and the time it takes each player to complete the game. Collecting 100 percent of the items under 3 hours, an extremely tough task, will give players the best ending.

Because of the multiple endings, ability to upgrade and explore, and the constant action, Metroid: Zero Mission is a game with tons of replay value that should not be missed. If you are new to the series or a veteran of it, like adventure games that feature plenty of action, or enjoy action games that provide room for exploration and upgrades, you will without a doubt be captivated by Metroid: Zero Mission. It is an absolute gem and may quite possibly be the best 2D action/adventure game ever.