Good film, not so good game...

When you first get this game, it seems great, a breath of fresh air maybe...but once youve got past the 4th level or so, you will be wanting to use the techniques on the game to put yourself out of the missery.

At first the grusome and slightly amusing (well i thought so any way) ways of killing and torturing the criminals was a new and fun feature to the game, but as time goes by, the methods just seem alike in some way, as in lacking creativity, sure theres the occasional special one like throwing your victim ito a tank of sharks, but then this is later repeated in the game but instead of sharks its electric eels. The variety of guns is pretty good having the choice of blowing up, inflaming or just plain putting a whole in your enemy will keep you occupied, but again, the mindless shooting just gets a little repetative.

The missions also feel very easy and straight forward, theres no need for a walk through for this game, unless you cant find your way through a room with one entrance and one exit.

All-in-all this game is good, but short lived, making it a deffinite rental and not a buy. If you have any questions about this game, or any others i have reviewed, please feel free to send me a message and ill get back to you ASAP.