Shining Force III Cheats For Saturn

  1. To get Frank

    He's located in Flagard, simply physically push him into your headquaters. He's the easiest of the 5 secret characters to get.

  2. To get Noon

    At the battle outside of the Mansion (Rilix), don't kill any of the zombies. Let Kahn use his orb on all of them.
    You'll get Noon after the battle inside of the Mansion, as you're leaving.

  3. To get Pen

    1) On the train, find the Chicken Feed, and use it on one of the chickens.
    2) At Vagabond City, buy an egg from an old couple.
    3) Use the egg on the Chicken.
    4) Pen will hatch and run away.
    5) Find him at Storich.

  4. To get Ratchet

    Inside the Mansion where you defeated Vandal, search through the rooms, and hit a switch in the machinery room. Ratchet will run out. Talk to him again at Vagabond City, and again he'll run. But later he finally joins your team before the Dragon Cave.

  5. To get Hagane

    During or after the battle ''Tower to Observatory'', check the fifth pillar, he'll then join your team.

  6. To get the Ship's Key

    At the battle in Figard's castle, attack Fiale, and he'll drop the key.

    The key is used in Scenario 2.

  7. Untie Bernard

    At Balsamo City, go up to the inn, and upstairs. Find a hidden door, and untie Bernard. You'll be able to use him in Scenario 2.

  8. Unlockables

    Code Effect
    Difficulty and Music select Complete the game with all 5 of the secret characters, then save the game at the end
  9. Unlock Characters

    This will tell you how to get certain characters on your team

    Code Effect
    Save him at the battle of saraband bridge; chapter 1 Hayward
    Save her at railhead when you're in the cargo Irene
    Talk to him in the soldier house at Flagard Horst

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