Shining Force EXA Cheats For PS2

  1. New Game+

    Beat the final boss and the game will start you over at the start of chapter 14 with all your stats, items, and equips, Along with this youll also be able to access a new dungeon with a new secret final final boss.

    Contributed by: FlamingStarwind 

  2. Unlock the secret Swordsmen character Avalon

    To unlock the secret charater Avalon, You must collect each of his bodyparts and return them to his head located on an alter at Lakton Village.

    Code Effect
    Northwest on the map Goran-Goran Cave, Floor 1 Avalons Right Arm
    North on the map Altar of Darkness Avalons Left Arm
    Northeast on the map Old Noswald Castle, Yard Avalons Right Foot
    North on the map Mt. Fyrgarum, Base Avalons Left Foot
    Go to the map Gradium Mine and go to the southeast part of it. Its in a cabin. Avalons Right Leg
    Inside Gundestor Cavern On the south part of the map Avalons Left Leg
    Southeast in the Ancient Runed Temple Avalons Torso
    Lakton Village (Behind Blacksmith) NOTE: Get a letter from Hikanay to move him out of the way. Avalons Sword

    Contributed by: FlamingStarwind 

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