Final Boss Fight (SPOILERS)

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I am close to facing off against nyx and right now I am level 76, aigis 72, mitsuru 69, and yukari 79, with 11 days left until the promised day. My personae are 

Surt: 58

Cybele: 73

Narcissus: 27 (only one with charmdi)

Thanatos: 69

Garuda: 68

Uriel: 63 (For Aigis S. Link)

Michael: 77

Hariti: 62

For weapons Mitsuru and I have Michael's Sword while aigis and yukari have weapons that hit around 350. I have yukari as healer, aigis as buff/debuff and mitsuru as act freely. Since my night S. Links are 10 I am spending more time grinding. My questions are

1) Is my level fine? (I'm on easy by the way with no more of those feathers.)

2) What personae would you recommend me getting for the fight?