Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES Cheats For PS2

  1. New Game + Mode

    Start The Journey from the beginning with progress gained when completed. New Game + is not available for The Answer. Aspects that carry over into New Game + for The Journey include your playtime, Charm, Academics, and Courage, the main character's level, your yen, your Persona compendium, your max S. Link items, your completed fusion spells, and any weapons, armor or accessories not equipped on your party members when you finish the game.

    Code Effect
    Complete The Journey and Create a Next Cycle save data New Game+ for The Journey

    Contributed by: SirKaiDoumeki 

  2. Unlock Elizabeth's Request #55

    Elizabeth's 55th Request will have you facing off against the strongest enemy in the game, and cannot be challenged your first time through the game. After completing the game, request 55 is available on succeeding playthroughs. You must also complete request #53 as well.

    Code Effect
    Accessible through New Game + Mode and must complete Request #53 Elizabeth's 55th Request

    Contributed by: SirKaiDoumeki 

  3. Monad Block

    Monad is a special block inside Tartarus containing only 10 floors, but full of level 90+ shadows. Monad can be accessed once you reach the top of Tartarus and complete Elizabeth's 53rd request.

    Code Effect
    Reach the top of Tartarus and complete Elizabeth's 53rd request Monad Block

    Contributed by: SirKaiDoumeki 

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