how to equip skills

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as far as i can tell, the manual only describes how to use skills in battle, but not how to equip them.  

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Don't you get skills from lvling up? And you need to cross breed all your demons to gain new combos like every other Shin Megami Tensei?
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this is my first time playing any game in the series. when i go to 'skills' i can see the skills i have, but in battle i only have the choice to attack.
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figured it out.  thanks.

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In SMTIV, you don't "equip" skills like you do in Devil Survivor. Instead, in order to gain skills, you must level-up your demons until they have learned all their skills, and from there, the demon will "whisper" its skills to you. If you already have a skill the demon is whispering, that skill will "rank up," making it either more powerful or lowering its MP cost.