its too hard 4 me!

i guess its really my fault that i suck at this game.....

Great fun, especially since u can use knuckles! all sonic games r fun, tho. the part that really bugged me was the challenge. its THE hardest sonic game ive ever played, but dont ask me why. its just hard. there r some pretty cool puzzle type things, and theres knuckles (knuckles is cool, so i am oibligated to mention him many times) !

the framerate keeps up awesome 4 a sonic game, but the sprites rnt really as good as i wouldve liked them 2 be.... but whatever, at least its bright and colourful.

same as sonic 2, but enhanced slightly. this, my friend, means it is very good.

omg, this game is so cheap: $15! its pretty long aswell. sadly, the games so hard theres not much replay...... but its $15!

ya... its 2 hard 4 me. ive had it for 3 years and ive only gotten to level 2. it may not be hard 4 u though, so give it a try!
o, did i tell u knuckles is awesome?