Shenmue Cheats For Dreamcast

  1. 70 Person Battle

    After you complete the game, wait for the credits to end and save your game file. At the start menu again, go to Options and you can access 70 Person Battle.

  2. Actual 1986 Yokosuka weather

    Complete the game and wait until the credits end, then save your game. On the start menu, go to Options. Go to Settings, then the new Magic Weather option.

  3. Listen to cassettes without using batteries

    Go to Tom's Hotdog van in either Dobuita or the Harbour and look at the cassette player. You will then be able to play your music collection without using batteries.

  4. Infinite Work Days/Yen

    On the third day of work when you take crates to warehouse #3, you're supposed to go check out warehouse #17 after work. Well, if you never check out the warehouse, you will keep on repeating the same work day until you do to advance in the story. This trick is good for getting lots of yen.

  5. Inverted Space Harrier Controls

    While playing Space Harrier, hold A, X, and Y at the title screen of the game. The message ''Up input is down'' should appear. Now you can press start to play with inverted controls.

  6. Meet Mr. Yukawa

    It is a possible to meet very famous (in Japan at least) senior executive officer of SEGA Yukawa-san in Shenmue as a hidden event.

    To see him you must get the 'happi' and 'suit' figures of him at Abe Store in Sakuragaoka's raffle . The best way to get to see him is if you have only one of eatch statue. It is reccomend you save as soon as you get one, and then keep trying to be sure you don't get the same one twice.

    When you have them go to Takara Sushi on the 9th of any month after 8pm. He will be sitting in the bar eating. In the Japanese version of the game, Ryo used to talk to him, afterwards he would run away. If you want to see him again go outside and back in again. You can do this as many time as you like between 8 and 9. On the international versions, Mr. Yukawa is not interactable.

    Mr. Yukawa was the main subject of the Japanese playable demo: "What's Shenmue".

  7. Scarlatto Song

    On Disc 3, You have to play a Mini-Game where Ryo Hazuki use a motorcycle to save Nozomi. The song featured in this Mini-Game is a keyboard version of "Scarlatto", one of the main songs of the game "Ferrari F355 Challenge".

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