Classic game ready to be played anywhere!

Super Mario 64 DS is a decent port of one of the most classic games of all time, Super Mario 64, originally for Nintendo 64, and it was well done considering all.

The main complain about the game are the controls, of course Super Mario 64 had the analog stick which made possible not only a full command over Mario's movements, but one of the best examples of freedom in a game, and even though that was just the beginning of fully 3D environments, and a lot was yet to come, it's still a game where with just some moves, a lot is possible. Of course here everything is limited, you won't have as much stability and precision, add that to a considerably smaller screen and then you have the downside. Pretty forgettable if you think about it and keeping in mind that you have such a classic game ready for you to play anywhere you go, but it's noticeable throughout the adventure for sure.

Now you can not just play with Mario, but with Yoshi, Luigi and Wario as well, pretty cool, each of them has their own abilities and control schemes, like Wario being the heaviest and Luigi being able to jump very high.

The courses are the same, but with some improvements, now there's more stars in each one, totalizing 150 throughout the whole game, against 120 of the original. And it's not only the new stars that are different, some stars were changed slightly, some drastically, while some are exactly the same.

Another plus are the mini-games, there's a whole bunch of them, and they're quite nice. The rest is pretty much the same of the original, the graphics, the sound, all ported properly and adding to the nostalgia feeling.

So you got a game, with classic touch, but improved, and ready to be played any time you want, if you liked the original, just be sure to check this one out!