those who think this game is inferior in length to snes version

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here is someone beating the game in 1 hour and 35 mins
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Most of the game is inferior to the snes version not just the length.

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I disagree, I found the snes combat was pretty lame even in its time, it was just awkward and most of the game was just running into a room shooting up guys exiting the room then going back into the room shooting up respawned guys rinse and repeat til you get some karma.
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and neither of these hold a candle to the genesis version.. which btw has nothing to do with the snes version.. and is waaaaaaay better

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but again with the genesis version its mostly just grinding, I spent hours delivering packages for mr gunderson just so I could get enough money for a decent gun, armor and cyberdeck so that I could then grind more easy runs in seattle so I could save up for better guns, cyberware and cyberdecks which I then used to grind harder runs for top of the line gear so that I could finish the 2-3 hour storyline.