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Is this any good? 

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my computer burned out yesterday, but the homeys early reports have been a bit disappointing.

ive heard its like a stripped down version of the nes version that feels too much like an app then a full game. that came from 2 guys that have both played all the video games and had played the rpg game for years and years, so they tend to be a bit...discriminating, but its not sounding so good.

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i like it
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For $20 it's a fascinating look into turning a PnP game into an RPG.


Really not bad and good mechanics.  I'd like a littlt more world interaction and like a tad mor depth but for $20 it is worth it.


Frankly as they've built it to be a game where players can make their own adventures relatively easily I think we could have something interesting starting here.

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Well so far I am really enjoying it.. I am getting flash backs of the Shadowrun game from the SNES and I totally loved that game.

Every thing appears to work without any issues, all the controls work, the UI is easy to use and works well, grapics look good enough. The combat reminds me a lot of the origonal Fallout games and thats really not a bad thing.

Also from what I have seen of the story so far its pretty good.. plus there are already a few user created campaigns out there that are also really good.

IF your a fan of Shadowrun and RPGs then this is a must buy and for the money you really cant go wrong.

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where are you finding your user generated stuff? i saw a handfull of stuff on steam, but that was very sparse.

We were actually looking into doing some of this ourselves, but ya id love to see some other peoples contributions.

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I believe there are already 2 user created campaigns out.


One that is basically as long as the main story and then one slightly shorter one. I am still playing the main story at the moment so have not tried the user generated ones. They where the best picked from the people in the beta test I believe..


I will prob have a go at making my own as well as the game comes with all the tools needed :)

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Paid 20 bucks to steam deleted it after 20 minutes,I was totaly bored!

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it is pretty good game, considering the price tag. It took me one whole day to finish it though. It is rather linear in the sense that game doesnt allow you to freely roam the world. You kinda have to finish what you are supposed to do in that area then move on the next one(it is set in stone). Story is damn good, dialogs are really amazing. Along with the soundtrack(which are very good as well) shadowrun does great job of drawing you into the game. I wish they had 1-2 million $ more. Everything in the game is polished but lack of content is kinda disappointing. I wish it had more side quests/quest chains. I now look at the game and can see so many things they could have added but i guess they did the best they could. Good thing is game is out with editor. You can create your own campaigns. I bet 1-2 years from now we'll have more campaigns then we could possibly play.

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If you enjoy extremely linear interactive books, it's good.

If you're looking for a solid RPG, look elsewhere.

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just noticed there are only combat skills aside from ettiquete, thats not cool...

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I will say that this game is a good game to try out but for those that want a 3d type game or a game that does not involve reading then this game surely is not for you. If you do recall the nes version of shadowrun then the game play as well as the story line seems about the same as it did on the nes but with better graphics. I actually do enjoy the game and would suggest this game to most people. I will say that it can be a boring game if your not into reading text but then again if you look back in like final fantasy as well as the old shadowrun reading was part of any RPG. Great game so far and the idea of a editor to creator your own stories makes it just that more fun.

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I have no problem with reading text in an rpg. I have no problem with story in an rpg, they go hand in hand. WHat I have a problem with is when they try to call a book an rpg.

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-At 11 hours of gameplay , it is a bit shallow for a RPG.

-Game is mission based , all areas except your home base are blocked off once you finish them.

-Bodies vanish , no death animations and no looting.

-Bizzare design flaws. Can auto save at checkpoints only , and gets stuck in combat mode even when all are NPCs are dead.


-Great story , had me hooked.

-Graphics are nice

-Music is cool.

-Gameplay is addictive , pretty much uses X-com EU combat system.


I would rate the game 6/10. But given the fact it is a budget game at only 20$ i can forgive the shallowness and raise it to 7/10. And since im a shadowrun fan i give it another point for the setting.

So it's an 8/10 for me.

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I was hopeing for more of a Baldur's gate just with a future setting RPG.

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Nothing good about this game so far, just play the Sega Shadowrun.  It's incredibly linear, you can only customize/equip the main character, the combat is like bad x-com (and xcoms combat system wasn't even that great), the story is too similar to the Sega game, its slow, and its boring.  1.8 million raised on kickstarter and this is all we get...so sad for Shadowrun.

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Well got futher into it now.. not had time to finish it but nearly there.


All I can say this is a instant classic for me.. I am really enjoying the story and the gameplay is pretty solid. I will be picking up the user created campaigns as soon as I finish the main one.


This was well worth the money.. if your into RPGs and into Shadowrun its a must buy.

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If you like the Shadowrun novels, this is like an interactive one. What this means: Story is really predictable from the start (if you know Shadowrun lore at least). You run into a Universal Brotherhood guy almost at the start. It ends like you think it ends. Not that it's not interesting, it is a really good adaption of SR. I just had the feeling that there was nothing I haven't seen before. It's also very linear like a novel. No turning back. Never. Leave an area, it's gone.

From a gameplay point of view: The character system isn't so bad. A bit shallow maybe, but that's ok. The worst part of it is that it makes the impression that you need to take a dwarf to make a "good" mage or an elf for a "good" shaman because they can reach 12 in Willpower or Charisma respectively. But that's just wrong. The main campaign's highest skillcheck is at 6. I hope I'm not spoiling but at a certain point of time you can take Dodger and Harlequin along. Harlequin: "I'm also a very powerful mage." I look at his stats: 6 in Willpower. I had 10. What does that make me? Anyway, combat. This is pretty much exactly the same as X-Com. It's solid. The AI is pretty dumb, though.


Many people say it's too short. It wasn't. About 10 hours for 20 with the possibility of more content for free, that's a fair deal. Replay value of the main campaign is questionable though as it is not really taking the characters talent's or class into account.


Major gripes about the game: The campaign plays the same whether you are a street samurai or a mage. Some stats are pretty useless (charisma, unless you're a shaman). The writing is good, but it's still "But thou must" even if the text is different. This means extremely linear story. Oh, don't make a decker. The matrix is pretty much not used at all and when you need one, the story throws Dodger at you. Btw. Dodger hasn't even gotten a single line of text. What up with that?

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Just finished it , and I liked it a bit . A little too linear for my liking ,  ...hopefully, all the user-created stuff in the future wiill be amazing ....

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Played It, Liked it even though i went into a bit sceptical

Since its a remake of sorts cant be too disappointed that it did not take too long to finish.


Anyone know of  Similar games to this that i can try

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I have no idea, but I have to admit, seeing TotalBiscuit's WTF is? really made me wonder what the final result'd be like, and tbh it really looks like they put a great amount of effort into this. I'm pretty convinced they've done a pretty good job on the game, reading all the reviews on other sites, so I guess it's pretty worth it if you're looking for something different.