Poor controls,short length and boring gameplay Shadow the Hedgehog is one of the worst Sonic related games around.

User Rating: 4 | Shadow the Hedgehog PS2
Shadow the Hedgehog a character that was well loved and appreiciated in Sonic Adventure 2 gets his own game because of possibly his growing popularity.


Well you are Shadow and you don't seem to remember anything about your past and you need to learn about yourself.


To begin with once you boot up the game and see the intro you will notice that there are guns and vehicles in this game. The guns are awful and using them is a pain as well but it is sometimes required. Through most levels you get someone following you from the Sonic gang. They don't really do much though.

You do get the standard Homing Attack,Spin Dash,Light Dash and the Triangle Jump.Running in some sections is incredible frustrating and the controls feel wonky and all over the place. The level structure requires certain paths which maybe add a bit of replay ability but with how it plays can you really see yourself playing this for another ending and thats required to get the final story.


It's a last gen game released in 2005 and it doesn't look anywhere near the standard of say Sonic Adventure 2. The music ain't bad though but it's not the best in the series.


It is possible to beat this thing in a day but it's not something you will want to play again ever it's just got so many problems.

Overall Opinion

Shadow the Hedgehog in his own game was probably a dream for some Sonic fans but the game has guns,bikes and they aren't the only things wrong with it. Bad Camera,short story and overall bad level design and the controls are horrible the game is just awful. One of the worst Sonic related games around even the die hard Sonic fans will find it hard to defend this because it is ridiculously bad.

Overall Score 4.0