Dynasty Warriors 3: Extreme Legend has added great value to the original Dynasty Warriors 3.

“Dynasty Warriors 3: Extreme Legend” is the expansion set for the third series of the action fighting game produced by Koei which background is set at the time of the romance of three kingdoms. The three kingdoms are Shu, Wei and Wu.

I have completed both DW3 and DW3:XL soon after they released and fully max out everything in the game. DW3:XL has added a lot of value to DW3 and together they made a great game.

There are many mode of play in DW3 and DW3:XL has added more mode of play to it. For example, in Musou mode in DW3, you can choose to play as any one of the general who served under any of the three kingdoms only. However, in DW3:XL those characters who are not belong to the three kingdoms like Lu Bu and Zhan Jiao have their own musou mode story as well. Other than that, DW3:XL has added more stages to the Free mode.

In DW3, every playable character has their 4th level unique weapon which is the best weapon, in DW3:XL, it added another 5th level unique weapon to all characters which are quite different to the 4th weapon in order to let the gamer play the characters differently. Of course in order to get the 5th weapon, you must fulfill each special requirement of the weapon. DW3:XL also offers more equipment for the characters to equip. Those unique items can be unlocked through fulfilling special requirements in the game and I think all these have added great replay value to the game.

The game-play is same as DW3 which is basically hack and slash. You can play as single player or have another player to join you in co-mode. The graphic and music and sounds are almost the same as DW3 which is well done. I have no complaint on the graphic & sound. Overall, DW3:XL has added so much value to DW3 and you should play this game if you played DW3. I forgot to mention that you can carry forward your DW3 save file to DW3: Extreme Legend to continue the good game. If you like to slash thousands of enemies than this game is definitely for you.