Gets better and better the more you play it! Well worth the money spent to get it.

User Rating: 9 | Shadow Complex X360
Shadow Complex is probably the best arcade game to come out this year. While $15 is a bit pricy for an arcade title, this game gives you value through gameplay and has lasting appeal. While the story is a little vague, Metroid fans will be thrilled by this spiritual successor to the game. While I have only played the game for 3 hours, it is really fun and worth its price so far. Shadow Complex is a great way to end the summer with a bang. Its hard to believe that this game is only an arcade title. Shadow Complex is very well done and a blast to play. Arcade titles don't get any better than this with graphics unmatched in an arcade game. Though the aiming is sometimes frustrating, especially when targeting enemies in the back ground, its only a minor blemish in an amazing game. Believe the hype. If you don't believe me, try the trial of the game and find out for yourself how great a game Shadow Complex is.