Ever missed Super Metroid. Well Shadow Complex delivers tons of replay value and retro 2D shooting all in one bundle.

User Rating: 9 | Shadow Complex X360
The Great things: -Ton of replay value. -Having the super suit make you feel like a super soldier. -Classic Super Metroid game play. -Simple yet great plot. -Feels like love has been put in the game.

The blemishs: -Map can some times give you bad directions. -Shooting enemys in the back ground can be a troublesome to shoot at. -Enemys feel stupid and limited.

Some times gamers regret that they ever threw away their Nes or Genesis because they want to play some of the great classics. People often miss the old 2D games. Well Epic games and Chair studios came up with a great idea. Lets have a 2D-3D classic side scroller shooter but with updated graphics 3D and gameplay that will apeal to old school and new gamers. Well they came up with Shadow Complex.

The plot in Shadow Complex is very simple yet deep in some cases. The plot is Jason Flemming and his girlfriend clare are on a hiking trip some where in the USA. She get a head start in a cave that they are about to explore and go's missing for a while. So Jason go into the cave to try and find her but stumbles apon a strange complex full of terorists with advanced technology planning to take over the states and they captured his girl. So you go to rescue her.(no more plot for spoiler reasons) The game has great Voice Acting from the main characters talking to each other to listening to the enemy goons having conversations in between each other. Some times some of the recording of a character can be played multiple times. Ex when going through the factory part of the complex the comander might say "deploy foam guns we do not want to damage the equipment" yet you all ready trashed the factory.

Graphicly the game is excellent. The complex feels like a real war place with armories, well detailed guards patrol the hallways, the outside of the complex looks beautiful because of the detail of the trees and lake and other objects. For a 15$ game a lot of effort was put to make it look good.

The Gameplay is the most important part of Shadow Complex as it successes on making a 2D-3D side scrolling shooter. When you play you use the left thumbstick to move your character and the right to aim. Like in most shooting games the right triger is used to fire your weapon. Though some times you may have a difficult time to shoot the enemys in the background it will not hinder your experience with the game because you will not be doing that too often. Though the course of the game you will unlock new gadgets and guns to use to increase your characters speed, power and ability to reach new areas. This can be simple to armor that protects you and in result take less damage or to build you new platforms so you can reach new areas. Addition to receiving new equipment you can get upgrades which are hidden throughout the world which is fun to try and find them all which add replay value. Also you character will level up and gain experience from defeating bosses killing enemys and finding equipment and upgrades. These levelups will improve on how well you character can shoot his weapon, how fast he can run and other abilities. The in game map is based on the classic Metroid style of mapping is represented a square grid. Though the blue guide line can be frustrating since sometimes the line will not show and you might get lost in the massive complex. There is also a proving grounds mode which challenges you to pass a course under set rules.

Shadow complex is a excellent game that has tons of replay value for a 15$ game and fun 2D-3D mechanics that is a must have for everybody.