User Rating: 9.5 | Shadow Complex X360
this was a real gem of a game, 2d feel ,and easy to have control, unlike many 1st person games out there,- the magic of exploring weird areas, choose if u want a hint where to go (blue line) is very cool. graphics are real nice. Underwater scenes are incredibly nice, reminds me of those in "Trine" . This game would not have been the same if it was in firstperson view, so the whole 2d-thingy makes it very interesting,bringing back fond memories from c64 games and amigagames. I feel it probably was abit short, but what can you expect for 1200 points,,besides, its replay value is stunning due to those areas u can unlock later or after completion, when u got all the special weapons that allows u to do so. its a do-not-miss. If they do a sequel with maybe some additional extra themes like snow,sand ++ resulting in a longer game, i would gladly pay full price. There are many expensive retail games that does not have this gameplay magic. The shadow complex gameplay.