Best $90 I have ever spent. All it's cracked up to be.

This game is one of the better and much more playable games that I have bought for the Xbox 360. I can easily say I got my money's worth out of it despite its higher price than other xbox 360 games. Playing a game with the included guitar controller just makes it freakin' awesome man! Sorry about that. Anyways, the song selection that accompanies the game is down right great. Theres songs from just about any rock genre along with the game avatars you play with. Anyone who appreciates rock can find at least one song that interests them. Playing the game takes some getting used to if your a first timer. Coordination is definitely needed for this game since you will be moving your fingers across the fret buttons, the colored buttons at the top of the guitar, in order to prepare them to be strummed by the strum bar which is located at the bottom. The game can be quite hectic on certain songs such as, the heavy metal ones like Trogdor and Thunderhorse, and not quite as difficult with the slower paced ones. Difficulty should also to be considered; the game will be about twice as hard and fast the higher you go. Once you get to hard, the fifth orange fret button is used in the songs and you'll have to probably have to practice in order to be accustomed to it. The graphics are sharper and more detailed then the PS2 version, but do not expect to be blown away by them. In terms of value, GH2 packs a ton of content. There are around 40 main songs and about 30 more un-lockable ones. There are also additional ones you can download on xbox live for about $5 a pack which include three songs from the original GH since the original was not on xbox 360. You can decide on that yourself, but it would have been a smarter move if the songs were all sold separately. To make matters simple after you have read all the above, go buy this game NOW.