A game which I believe only affects a few people. It is a great story and game if you like future swordsmen.

User Rating: 7 | Seven Samurai 20XX PS2
I first played this game when I was 8 year old and I loved it. I remember writing a comic following the theme of the story. I thought it was a great story and great idea. I played it again when I was 14 and I realised how different it was. Age matters a lot when you play this game. I think that Seven Samurai 20XX is very fast paced, a little repetitive, and only okay graphics. On the good side, I think that the idea rocks, the character uniqueness is very good, and the hidden bosses made me feel happy because I felt good that I could find them all in one run through. This game is the first game I reviewed and I reviewed this game because it was the first game I ever loved, I kept playing and playing. Repeating the game until my parents got mad. I love it, and I think it only had few places where it could improve. I believe it was very good.