Cyberpunk? Yes. Good? No.

User Rating: 5.5 | Seven Samurai 20XX PS2
The Seven Samurai: a village is attacked by bandits, unable to protect themselves the villagers start searching for a samurai. But samurai wouldn't work for them, after all those are hard times and the villagers can't pay them. But soon they find a young warrior who's willing to help, and with him an older and wise samurai, soon they gather into seven great warriors. That moviewould change the history of cinema forever with it's famous battle scene under the rain and amongst the mud.
Cyberpunk culture: starts with the book Neuromancer by William Gibson, basically it's sci-fi based on cybernetic future, that is, hackers, violent streets, cyberspace power, etc. Other famous books and movies that fall in the genre are: Idoru, Blade Runner, The Matrix, Robocop, The Terminator.
Seven Samurai 20XX: it's the cyberpunk version of the classic Seven Samurai. A project such as this could have reached the skies, instead it fails in almost everything it was supposed to offer. The tale here goes around not only the village but most of all, a sacred child kept by the people in that village. This child is being hunted down by mutants, who are actually nothing else than cyborgs. Just like in the movie, some people go around searching for samurais to help, and the gamer will take control of the younger samurai. Ironically as you reach the end of the game you'll realise that litle of what has happened so far came to any conclusion at all, not to mention that even though you have all your samurai friends around, you never get to see them actually helping you out. More important: you'll sadly find out that you DON'T actually have seven samurais in your team, plus fans of the movie will also see that most of them are still alive when they should be dead (according to the movie)...
As for the graphics, they're great. The fighting looks like a dance and is really beautiful. There's something else that must be mentioned here: fashion. The clothing of the samurai are just gorgeous, the game team really must have spent a lot of criativity and effort for the clothing, the scenario and the graphics to come together with such harmony.
But then again... Gameplay is horrible. The idea is great but unfortunately doesn't work out. Worse than this is the score system. This one is hellish: the beggining of the agem is very easy, which means you end up the stages with lots of health, but just as you reach the last stages you find out you're too weak to fight the bosses. Why is that? Because you din't upgrade. And why didn't you upgrade? Becuase you didn't have points to do so. But wait, if you did fine, sholdn't you be rewarded for that? Yes you should, but this game rewards you if you finish the stages almost dying...
Well, that's about all. This game had everything to be perfect. They manage to make it horrible with a broken storyline and a strange gameplay.