A great classic RTS game.

User Rating: 8.9 | Seven Kingdoms PC
All I have to say is that this game, is clearly underestimated. This is one of the greatest and most intelligently built RTS games of all time. It's not the best, because it has it's very obvious flaws. The graphics are very underachieving even for it's time, the sounds were not the strong side of the game although the music really grew on you, and game play is slow and very hard to learn. But these last two are also the reason it is a really good game, since it makes for many hours of balancing a kingdom, almost SimCity style, but in a much more fast paced warring strategy game where your goal is total domination. The best part is the multiplayer mode. It is well enough for two people to sit down with up to six computer played kingdoms and play; one scenario could last for just 20 minutes, or several hours all depending on how you want to play. With a complex system of spies, ships, soldiers and Greater Beings you could spend hour upon hour of balancing your economy while defending yourself against monsters called Frythans, or your neighboring kingdoms.
All in all, the only thing that actually held this game back was the lack of PR from the publisher Interactive Magic.