I was very happy to see that they remade the two classic arcade games House of the Dead 2 and 3 on the Wii,

If you have ever played House of the Dead 2 or 3, this is nothing more than a port of those. But I was very happy to see that they remade it on the Wii, and I now own the two arcade games at home. All gameplay is is shooting and killing zombies, frogs, and other vicious creatures. It is an exact clone of the two arcade games House of the Dead 2 and 3. In House of the Dead 2, there are two modes. Arcade Mode and Original Mode. Arcade Mode sometimes gives you an extra health powerup if you save a person. Original Mode is the same as Arcade Mode only easier and you do not get extra health powerups if you save a person, but there are other powerups if you shoot at boxes, crates, and other obstacles you find along the way. You can set the difficulty to Easy, Normal, or Hard. When you get further into the game on either mode, you will unlock features such as the option to play on Very Easy or Very Hard, the option to switch between green and red blood, and the option to set the game mode with higher credits. In both modes, you have five shots and five credits. If you get shot all five times, you lose one credit. If you lose all five credits, or get shot twenty five times, you will lose the game. If you get far enough into a mode, you can set the game to nine credits, a total of forty five shots. WOW.

The boss battles are unique and feel just like a boss of an old classic arcade game should be. You shoot at a part of its body like its head or its heart or its surrounding floating enemy to drain its life power. They are repetitive, but that is a good thing in this case because these are old classic arcade games. The game has low, poor quality graphics and the picture is dark, gloomy, and dismal. It just looks like crap. They could have made the picture as bright and appealing as if you were playing it in the real arcade. But they didn't, and that is a serious letdown.

I have almost finished House of the Dead 2, but have not unlocked or played House of the Dead 3 yet. I still need to beat House of the Dead 2. The problem though is that even on Very Easy, the game is still very hard. Really? It's crazy. You keep dying, losing all credits, and having to restart the whole game and keep doing this over and over again until you finally beat it. I was wondering how long it actually was so I looked it up online on Youtube and I saw that I was like five or ten minutes away from the ending. House of the Dead 2 being too short is a huge disappointment, but it is also a good thing because since it is short, you will not have to travel far until you reach the end when you lose all credits and start all over again. So the game being too short is forgiveable. However, it will only take you an hour or so to beat House of the Deade 2. Dialogue is kind of cheesy, stupid, boring, and lame and could have been better. But it's not that big a deal.

Overall, House of the Dead 2 is a great game and the game being repetitive is a good thing because it is an old classic arcade shooter game. I don't think, however, that it is worth its thirty dollar asking price. This game is worth twenty dollars. So only buy it if you find it used. Used will be twenty dollars. Otherwise, skip it because the graphics suck. Once I unlock House of the Dead 3 and play through most of it or beat it, I will come back and review it too. Until then, goodbye.