Seven Kingdoms is worth playing

User Rating: 9.4 | Seven Kingdoms PC
Seven Kingdoms is a great Strategy game to play, the only problem is that its to old and not easy to find it any more thats the only thing i see thats wrong, other then that its a great game the people are cool the buildings and how they work are cool, taking over towns to make your empire big, all that stuff rebellions, wars like i said all sorts of stuff.

Alliances are cool, getting your ally to declare war on an enemy witch is cool and the other empires are so smart its not even funny i mean they attack you when u go out for war, attack with lots of men, sneak attacks, and the way and how fast they colonize .

Old games are just like old music, its so good and it never gets boring forever then they take it out of stores and make us buy online. What if the person has a hacker in they computer then what... ya u guessed it the parents never use there card ever again excluding 18 and up year olds because once its taken care of they fix the other problems. so i think they should put full versions on websites, just for the old games because they are hard to find like these: Command & Conquer, Planet Blupi, Seven Kingdoms, 7th Legion, Midtown Madnes 2, Command & Conquer Red Alert,
you know like those old tech games.