The best single player game this gen.

I'm sure we all remember how immersive and open the first Mass Effect was. I'm reluctant to say that Mass Effect 2 is bigger, more personal, and more enjoyable than its predecessor. I want to start off with its flaws just to get it over with. When you level up, you are awarded 2 skill points. Like the first there are different slots you can use those points for. Thing is, there are only 4 slots to start out with. There are a total of 10 points you can apply to each slot. It's not nearly as customizable as the first. Next, the level cap is only 30. Grr! Now, the mining... You must do mining for unexplored planets in order to get minerals to create new armor or weapon upgrades. It's a very dull process and it takes forever. And when I sometimes use biotic powers, it goes where I don't want it to. For example, if you're using a Sentinel and you use the Warp attack, your character will sometime shoot the attack and it hits the crate right in front of you instead of the target. Other than that, it's great. Now, the story is a lot better than the first. It's more in depth and personal than the first. There are so many ways to lead the conversation, you feel like it's your own driven story. Like the first, many mechanics are still the same, but in a good way. Another thing BioWare added was thermal clips. Your guns no longer overheat, you have ammo. No need to worry, though, you find ammo very frequently. One thing I REALLY love is that the scope isn't constantly shaking if you use the sniper rifle. This game never really goes wrong, so I wouldn't advise missing out on it. This is truly the greatest single player game I've ever played. Don't make the mistake of missing this.