Very Good

User Rating: 9.6 | Seven Kingdoms PC
Trevor Chan has build himself quite a franchise here with Seven Kingdoms. On the emerging news of Seven Kingdoms Conquest, I'm reminded of the classic Seven Kingdoms. Seven Kingdoms is one of the best RTS ever, right up there with Starcraft, Age Of Empires and Civilization. Seven Kingdoms, as it hints, has several races to choose from. Whether you choose Chinese, Japanese, Norman, Mayan, Viking, Persian and Greek, it's upto you. There is no wrong way to choose, so try each and every race. You'll discover the weaknesses and strengths of each race. Seven Kingdoms has some of the best ideas in RTS. For one, 7K has renewable resources in the form of either iron, copper or clay deposits that pops up all over the places. If you're fast, there will never be a reason you can't have a steady supply of resources. As well the ability to espionage, steal technology and other spy action can be very useful in war and peace time. Plus the ability to hire soldiers and spies can be very useful in conquering the world. Finally, the ability to summon and uses your greater beings, basically a strong deity, is a first in RTS. Seven Kingdoms has very good gameplay, it offers different aspect of the games in very easy to use and to understand controls. Soldiers are created by clicking on the recruit button when you have selected a village, create as many as soldiers as the villages allow. Building is made easy as well and there are a few ways to build, either by recruiting a special builder or use your king to build the structures you want, which is not recommended but can be done. As well, the generals and soldiers can build forts, the generals and king can build seats of powers. Taxation is also very easy, you can either left click on the tax collection button, which can get tedious. Or you can right click on the tax collection button and set level in according to where you should collect taxes. Needs other ways to earn moneys, build a market and watch the money rolls in, in this case you'll need caravans to carry goods into your market. Watch as the goods come into your market, your money will increase dramatically as the goods got sold fast. However, watch who declares war on you or vice versa, as soon as war is involved in trading nations, trading is halted and you'd need to build up your trading again. Need more people to buy your goods or train more soldiers? Get your king or a general that has high leadership to a village of the same race and try to persuade them to join you. And try to build factories and tower of sciences to make the villagers work so they're less resistant to you. And don't forget to bring some of your soldiers to fill your fort cause your fort will get overrunned by spies. They're also useful in persuading the villagers to come over to your side if your general or king can't. As well, if you have the Japanese deity, you can summon it over a village and casts its power and the resistance will go down by ten points. As you get more villagers and more villagers, you need a heavy military to maintain your kingdoms peace and protect them. Just training more soldiers is not an option, as you need the villagers to pay taxes and work in factories. So build towers of science and research weapons and start building them in bulk. Don't forget to send them to forts that are empty to prevent espionage on your generals or to just surprise your enemies when they attack. If you want to avoid war, create alliances with other nations so you can create peace for a while. While the graphics in the game isn't superb, it's very decent as the game does look better than some of its competitor like Starcraft. Each sprite is bright and features some good details, especially on the bigger sprites like deities. The sound are authentically created in each language, whether giving commands to soldiers, generals or even king. As well the music are very nice orchestra pieces created in each races song. Seven Kingdoms offers different scenarios as well the ability to play online or via LAN. It adds to the replay value to the already excellent single player experience. Its graphics while not the best are still detailed enough to not be dated and beats other RTS game like Starcraft. As well, the sounds and musics adds an authenticity to the struggles of the seven kingdoms. Seven Kingdoms is truly an epic and one of the best RTS ever.