Can you see classic? This game is worth every red cent. If you liked any other Zelda then you will like this one. Try it

Let's get the one bad thing out of the way first. Swinging the sword in the first levels takes a bit of getting used to, about 30 minutes in human form. But since you spend a lot of time at the beginning in wolf mode you have to master the sword in the forest temple. After you get used of jumping in shock when something sneaks up behind you then swing the sword becomes a easier and less like a nervous reaction.

Now let's get to what this game does best. The graphics are wonderful; keep in mind I am not talking photo realistic, but in an art sense. For fans of the genre and the game these graphics are just fine, and as a matter of fact they brought a warm stirring to my heart.

The story line is prought through perfectly. From the very beginning you become attached to the characters and the beautiful setting. The use of color schemes and the character modes are quite true to the Zelda universe.

As far as the gameplay goes, after the initial learning curve that comes along with the controller, the rest is just like another other Zelda title. The new and refreshing weapons and control scheme bring an added flavor to a classic story. Flavor takes form in mini games scattered along the game. Such classics as fishing and target shooting are a welcome known, but even more welcome is the sumo wrestling and a few other goodies that you guys will have to wait until you play to find out about... Overall I say that the gameplay is beyond solid it brings us back to the days of the N64.

The things I look forward to when I pick up the controller is the wolf mode an horseback rides. These two elements of gameplay are to me two of the most exciting. As a wolf you can just mangle your enemies and run wild so to speak. While on the horse you get the feeling of the wind in your hair as Epona gallops with grace across the large lands of Hyurle. Not to mention the fights on horse back are just beyond what I expected.

If you were looking for a flagship game for the wii then you have found one in Zelda: twilight princess. Enjoy ...