Sega Vintage Collection: Streets of Rage Cheats For Xbox 360

  1. Achievements

    Code Effect
    Defeated Bruce and freed Roo in Streets of Rage 3. A Kangaroo's Best Friend
    Defeated Axel's imposter single-handedly with Axel in Streets of Rage 3. Imposters Need Not Apply
    Max leveled a blitz attack in Streets of Rage 3. Ultimate Power
    Defeated Abadede in Stage 4 single-handedly with Max in Streets of Rage 2. Heavy-weight Champion
    Defeated the clawed Zamza in Stage 3 single-handedly with Skate in Streets of Rage 2. Declawer (Part II)
    Defeated the clawed Souther in Round 2 single-handedly with Adam in Streets of Rage. Declawer (Part I)
    Defeated Round 5's Mona & Lisa single-handedly with Blaze in Streets of Rage. Beautiful, Yet Deadly
    Performed a recovery after being thrown in Streets of Rage. Cat-like Reflexes
    Threw an enemy in Streets of Rage. Eyes in the Back of Your Head
    Used the special moves and attacks of every character in every game (hidden characters excluded). A Display of Strength
    Cleared every game. Syndicate Crusher
    Saved General "The Chief"Peterov single-handedly with Zan in Streets of Rage 3. A Hair's Breadth
  2. Streets of Rage 2: Unlock Stage Select, extra lives, and extra difficulties in Options

    Hold Down, A and X (Default controller settings) and select Options as player 2 to access the stage select, extra lives, and extra difficulty options