Sega Ages: OutRun (1996) Cheats For Saturn

  1. Codes

    Code Effect
    Wait for the title screen, then press A + C + Start on Controller Two. Arcade mode
    Go to Options, highlight Game Mode, then hold A + C and press Left or Right Smooth mode (Overseas and Japan levels)

    Contributed by: SonicStar337 

  2. Easy cornering

    Code Effect
    At the title screen highlight Options and press A + C + Start Easy Cornering

    Contributed by: Danjuro 

  3. Operator's screen

    Using the operators screen you can adjust the number of lifes and credits you begin the game with. At any time hold X + Y + Z and press the start button

    Contributed by: whoisthisgit 

  4. Free Credits

    When the Sega logo comes up, press A + C + Start on controller 2. Now pressing L on controller 1 will now do the equivalent of entering a coin so you can continue.

    Contributed by: freakunique