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What Gamespot Users have to say about Seduce Me

  • Review Score:1.5

    useless and so retarded

    no need to waste valuable time on reviewing this game because it would be a waste of time to play it anyway , hope they think to change their carrier soon or they definitely should work harder and harder to make a pla... Read Full Review

    3 of 5 users found the following review helpful
  • Review Score:2

    Looking at uninteresting porn has never been more boring

    Disclaimer: yes, this is a pornographic game. If you take offence at this sort of game, or the graphic use of words which will be used in this review, simply don't read on and be a grown-up about it. Thank you. You st... Read Full Review

    12 of 12 users found the following review helpful
  • Review Score:1

    Just plain stupid

    Strategy? Hardly, at least not to match the promise of the title. Characters are interesting for a short while, but no real depth.The basic story line is hackneyed. You can only play as a male and only four of the women ... Read Full Review

    0 of 0 users found the following review helpful