A good budget game that make you think Retail games are overpriced

User Rating: 8 | Section 8: Prejudice X360
Graphics: 7.5(utilizes UE3.0 engine, overall visuals do rather well but not exceptional)
Gameplay SP: 6.5
Gameplay MP: 8.0 (huge variety of maps, weapon mods, equipment combine with dynamic objectives too keep any fps gamers happy)
Audio: 5.5 (some poor voice acting, simplicity sound of weapons)
Value: 8.5 (at $15, its offers more than what you paid for).

Section 8 Prejudices follows the sequel to Section 8 which by the way isnt particularly famous. Its a game similar to game called Tribes in the 2000's, and yet again its isnt famous. Ok, i ll make it simple, its Halo:ODST with jetpacks . It provides a huge battlefield with 32 player running on dedicated server. A very ambitious game for a $15 game, and if you brought it, u felt sorry for stealing it at $15. This game offers huge contains, refined from the first section 8 and made it a budget sequel.

SP campaign brings up an intergalactic war between 2 groups of space marines . They are armed each with a power suit similar to the box art that has shield and jetpack and are often combat drop right into the battlefield from orbit and possibly squashing anyone unlucky enough be underneath them (its 1 of the achievements that you could only do in MP). SP campaign last about 4 hrs and the plot is rather plain and pretty much forgettable.

Competitive MP is one of the best MP experience i had for quite sometime (last great game - Wolf:ET). S8P MP consist of 3 modes conquest, swarm, and assault with conquest as the most polished. Conquest is similar to regular conquest in squad based shooter BF series but added with dynamic objective (secondary). This drastically change the flow of regular shooters as players competing in holding this objective which can be chaotic with AA & MG turrets drop-in to support troops and enemy troops combat drop right above. Completing dynamic objective rewards the team, such as airstrike, intel sweep, Ad.power armour, permanent firebase, and vehicles which will assist in dominating the primary objectives.

Swarm like gear series that they call it horde mode, which is the role of a 4 man team to stop an on coming waves of enemy from capturing your base. And Assault modes, its a timer based capture the base where 1 team is required to capture all control points and the other team to stop them and the team with the best time wins.

On top of the game modes, S8P offers great variety of weapons and ammo types and Power Armour modification making MW looks cheap. A complex loadout/build system, that involve stats such as overdrive, shields and defence resistance (some allow players to drop right thru enemy AA) and multiple ammo types with different performance will keep the hardcore gamers interested. The loadout even had 3 types of knife with each doing specific role and did i mention that there are fatalities for knifing including knifing a mech.

In addition of the complex loadout/build, Ability to call for turret drop and equipment drop to give players a helping hand or defending an important objective. This made a layer of strategy, where AA turrets could deny enemy from dropping above you and MG turrets will slow enemy advancement. With dynamic Objectives that constantly changing, forcing both teams to adapt quickly

On the negetives, Controls are are clunky expecially for vehicles (as bad as ME) and the game has a very punishing to new player or teams that are losing badly.

S8P offers a lot of minor improvement for an existing title which will diffidently worth more than what you paid for. It might not be suitable for a lot of players new to the game, as the learning curve is rather steep especially in multiplayer where vets will be owning the game. Regardless, it going to be 1 of the great MP game that noone knows.