Although this game doesn't have the Halo or Call of Duty feel, it does have something special. And its 15 Dollars....

User Rating: 7 | Section 8: Prejudice PC
Overall: Section 8 Prejudice is worth the money, and more. After 55 hours of gameplay on this game I have a few observations about it. First, The online isn't impressive. Second, The campaign was about average. So what makes this game worth playing if online is lame, and the campaign isn't great? Simple! The Offline multi-player mode is a TON of FUN! Don't expect amazing AI, or a Realistic online feel, But it is a ton of fun to run around and kill the bots, completing objectives, and essentially doing whatever you want.

Gameplay: This is why you should play the game. The feel of the guns is nice, and customization is great, but this isn't a top of the line shoot em' up type game. It feels much like older games would, but that isn't much of a draw back here. The swarm mode, in which you defend one point from waves of bots, is a ton of fun both online and offline. This game is worth 15$ and more.

Graphics: not amazing, but not bad. The detail is enough to create a world to immerse yourself in, but isn't overly impressive.

Sound: Once again. Adequate.

Conclusion: Section 8 is nothing special, its nothing we haven't seen. However, it does bring some new ideas to the table, and does execute everything well. And for 15$, this game is a steal!