A game that ALMOST is fun, but ends up just being frustrating.

User Rating: 2.5 | Section 8: Prejudice PC
Section 8: Prejudice takes up where Section 8 left off in the gaming department.

Section 8 was sadly under appreciated, coming out during the overhyped Fame of games like Halo 2-3 and Call of duty: Modern Warfare 1-2. The game was simple, fun, and you could customize your character to your play style.

I tell you about this so you know where I come from. I WANTED to love Section 8, but sadly, that was not to be. The reason it did not become Mainstream I could Blame on Solely Halo and CoD but despite hating those franchises, I cannot lay the blame on them only.

Section 8:Prejudice has great control, great graphics, great gameplay modes... where it falls short is three of its unique points.

1. LockOn: In game you can simply press a button, and track your opponent for a limited time based on your stats. Sadly this means that you can be beaten close range while jumping about by someone with a Sniper Rifle who, without the lockon, could not hit the broadside of a barn from inside.
This leads to much frustration as you will die constantly if you do not want to play the game on easy mode by putting all your points into damage and lockon.

2. Purchase System: During the game you gain points, which you can use to air drop in (Away from Anti Air turrets or they destroy your order) anything from Automated Turrets, supply depots that heal things close to it and refill ammo, or vehicles.
Sadly this leads to teams dropping turrets and heal depots in the center of the map, and using anti air turrets so you can only air drop onto their turret farm.

3. Random Missions: During matches there are random missions given to a team. These range from "Kill all the other team" to "Put on this disguise and capture a Control Point.
Unfortunately, this system IS random. Sometimes the opposing team, within the first few seconds of gameplay, can get a Convoy mission, which, gives them a rapid fire, missile launching, VERY sturdy vehicle which will easily cut through your team. And since by this time you cannot afford turrets or vehicles, the enemy will rack up cash allowing them to completely destroy you in minutes.

Sadly this game tried to improve on the original, and in turn, poured a vial of Feces into Gem soup.